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Give Your Pool That ‘Wow’ Factor with These Wonderful Additions

If your pool is starting to look dull and dated, you might think that giving it a complete makeover is your only solution.

But with the right enhancements, you can give your pool that ‘WOW’ factor to make it look better than ever.

Here are five pool enhancements that will impress your guests and make you forget about renovating your pool area altogether.

1. High-Quality Tiles

Nothing makes a pool look newer and more different than new tiling. Give your pool a different skin by installing new tiles with stylish patterns and designs.

You’ll find a variety of tile colours, styles, and patterns available on the market, giving you plenty of options for creating a completely different look. Look for tile patterns and designs that are opposite of what your pool previously had to make the change even more dramatic.

You can also replace your pool’s coping (the cap or edging of your pool) with new materials and designs to make the change even more obvious.

2. Greenery and Landscaping

Sometimes, the most dramatic pool upgrade doesn’t involve your pool at all.

New landscaping, for example, can make your pool area look and feel completely different even without touching the pool itself.

To make this work, choose the right plants and greenery to create the type of atmosphere you want. Whether it’s flower patches and potted plants along your pool perimeter or mini palm trees in your favourite corners, adding these touches of nature will your pool more attractive than ever.

3. Glass Pool Fencing

There’s no better way to make your pool area look more stylish instantly than by installing new glass pool fencing.

With its smooth surface and minimalist design, glass pool fences are undoubtedly much sleeker than traditional pool balustrades. They’re also stronger and more functional than old pool fencing, providing toughened glass barriers that give you more views of your pool area (for better safety and monitoring).

With the right glass pool fence, you can give your pool area a facelift and earn major style points from your guests.

4. Creative Lighting

Highlight your pool’s best features by installing creative lighting systems.

Whether it’s coloured underwater lights or fairy lights overhead, creative lighting can make your pool look more stunning and inviting. You can also add lighting along footpaths and the perimeter of your pool to make your pool area safer.

With the right lights, you can make nightly swims a regular activity for you and your family.

5. New Décor & Fixtures

Features and pieces of decor aren’t meant to be just ornaments to be looked at. In many cases, they’re also features that can make or break your pool’s atmosphere.

Additional items for your pool area like fire pits, mini-bars, fountains, for example, can make your pool area more enticing, providing a level of comfort that makes a trip there always a treat. Comfortable hammocks and pool lounges, meanwhile, will make it hard for anyone to leave your pool at all.

With the right fixtures and furniture, you can breathe new life and energy into your pool space that will make it irresistible.

You Don’t Always Have to Renovate

When it comes to upgrading your pool, a complete renovation isn’t always the answer.

In many cases, the right upgrades are all you need to make your pool look and feel completely different.

With a little planning and the right enhancements, you can wow yourself and your guest every time you step in the water.

timber stairs

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Traditional Railings with Glass Balustrading

Making the jump from traditional railings to glass balustrades is a big deal.

Not only do these two options look vastly different from each other, but they also work quite differently as barriers.

For many homeowners, glass balustrades are huge upgrades from traditional railings, providing a range of benefits that make them worthy investments.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your railings with glass balustrades, here are five great reasons why you should go ahead and do it:


1. Unrestricted Views

If there’s one thing glass balustrades are known for, it’s the views that they provide.

Clear glass balustrades provide near-invisible barriers on your decks and balconies, giving you clearer and wider views of the world outside. If you’re in a high-rise building or a spot with beautiful views around it, there’s no better railing for it than glass balustrades.

Remember that traditional railings have balusters that block or break your views – something you’ll never have to worry with glass balustrades.


2. A Modern Look

Installing glass balustrades is one of the best ways to make your deck, balcony, or stairs look more modern.

These clear, smooth panels create a sleek look that can make your home look more stylish instantly. Glass balustrades also offer a clean and minimalist design that’s distinctively modern, helping your home look more current and up-to-date with the times.

If your deck or balcony is looking old and dated, installing glass balustrades will give it the facelift it needs to bring it back to life.


3. More Functional

Glass balustrades do more than just upgrade the look of your railings – they can also make your living spaces safer.

Glass balustrades are often more solid barriers than traditional railings, with fewer gaps and spaces for things to pass through. (Traditional railings often have gaps between balusters that allow objects or small body parts to get through.)

The wide, solid panels of glass balustrades also block more wind in outdoor spaces, helping to keep things calmer in your deck or balcony during windy days.

And don’t be fooled by its glass material. Glass balustrades are deceptively strong, and they’re designed to withstand high amounts of force and impact.


4. Low-maintenance

Glass balustrades are far easier to clean than traditional railings.

Glass is smoother, more solid, and less porous than wood, so they’re less likely to accumulate dirt and debris on their surface. And unlike metal railings, you won’t have to worry about the glass panels rusting or corroding.

In most cases, all you need to maintain your glass balustrades is give them a quick wipe with a clean cloth and a light cleaning solution (even plain water will do in minor clean-ups). They’re also more capable of withstanding different cleaning products than wooden railings (which often need wood-friendly products to maintain).


5. Made to Last

Glass balustrades may look delicate, but they’re incredibly tough and durable railings – perhaps even more so than traditional wooden railings.

Remember that the glass used for glass balustrades is not your typical glass found in kitchenware or household ornaments. Glass balustrades are made of strengthened or toughened glass, which is designed to withstand high loads of force and impact. This makes them among the toughest and most durable barriers you can have on your property.

And unlike wooden railings that can be weakened by the elements or even insects (i.e. termites), glass balustrades are weather-resistant and unaffected by pests.


Need More Convincing?

If you want to find out more about glass balustrades and what they can do for your property, give us a call on 0414 125 081 or send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to provide the information you need to help you upgrade and get the perfect set of glass balustrades.

Staircase Glass Balustrade

5 Great Ways to Use Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades are one of the most practical balustrades for homeowners, providing sleek-looking barriers that can instantly enhance your living spaces. Combining eye-catching aesthetics with tough and durable materials, they offer the perfect balance of style and function.

When designed by experts, glass balustrading can replace any old balustrades in your home to make it look more stylish and inviting – not to mention more functional.

There are many ways to incorporate glass balustrades in your home, but here are five ideas that have proven popular among homeowners.

1. Enhance your pool fencing

Forget traditional metal pool fences, and make your private pool look more special with custom-made glass pool fencing.

Not only do glass balustrades create an effective barrier, but this see-through glass material also provides better visibility of your pool. This visibility is especially useful if you have young kids at home, allowing you to watch them more clearly even if you’re outside your pool area.

Glass pool fencing typically also has smaller gaps than traditional pool fencing, giving you a more functional pool fence and barrier.

2. Upgrade your stair railings

Looking for a simple but effective way to dramatically change the way your home looks? Try upgrading your stair railings with glass balustrades.

Glass balustrade panels often give staircases a facelift, giving traditional stair railings a more modern and sophisticated look. They also come in a variety of configurations and style options, with frameless, semi-frameless, and fully framed options available to suit your design preferences.

Best of all, these balustrades aren’t just for show, either. Glass balustrades are incredibly strong and durable, and they offer the same level of barrier protection (and often even more) than traditional stair railings.

3. Enclose your outdoor kitchen

If you have an outdoor kitchen or a BBQ area, glass balustrades will help you set the space in style.

Enjoy a cleaner and more functional outdoor kitchen with glass balustrades that set the boundaries and create a dedicated space for preparing and cooking food.

And with its see-through panels, you’ll also give your outdoor kitchen a more open look, helping it feel bigger than it is while giving you clearer views of the areas around it.

4. Protect your garden

Although you don’t often associate glass balustrades with gardens, you may be surprised to know that they can also help improve your garden’s atmosphere.

You can use glass balustrades to separate your garden and patio, providing a sleek border that simultaneously gives you full views of your garden or backyard. Some homeowners who take pride in keeping a pristine garden also use glass balustrades to enclose gardens and plants behind a protective barrier. By keeping your precious plants protected from public access (i.e. kids or pets) they have a chance to grow and flourish to their full potential.

5. Enjoy views from your patio/balcony

If you have a patio or balcony, there’s nothing more disappointing than sitting down to enjoy the scenery but having railings block your views.

With glass balustrades, you’ll never have to worry about this issue. The clear glass panels of glass balustrades offer full visibility without compromising your security, giving you a strong and effective barrier with all the views you expect to see from your balcony. This makes them perfect for balconies or patios in high-rise buildings, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding scenery while keeping you safe.

Looking for High-Quality Glass Balustrades?

Whether you’re upgrading your home interiors or simply looking for better-looking balustrades, we can help you get the perfect set of glass balustrades for your property. We offer a full range of glass balustrades, and we can even customise them to suit your needs and preferences exactly. Contact us today to find out more.


Man Relaxing on a Balcony with a Balustrade

Do Your Balustrades Meet Regulations and Standards?

Whether you’re installing new balustrades or upgrading your old ones, you want to make sure they meet industry standards to ensure their safety.

Here in Queensland, the regulations and standards for the construction of balustrades follows the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC sets the minimum safety requirements for new building constructions (including balustrades), ensuring better safety and well-being for all.

Some of the balustrade requirements set by the NCC include:

  • Balustrades or barriers in any deck or balcony should be at least one metre above the ground.
  • Balustrades and barriers must be at least one-metre tall.
  • Balustrades must not have any gaps or openings larger than 125 millimetres. This will help prevent people or animals from falling through.
  • Balustrades in decks or balconies that are more than four metres above the ground must also not have any climbable elements (e.g. platforms, horizontal railings, ) between 150 millimetres and 760 millimetres from the floor.
  • Balustrades must be built to resist reasonable levels of load or forces that they are typically exposed to (e.g. strong winds, people leaning or knocking against them).

For more information on the regulations for decks and balconies in Queensland, please check this guide from the Department of Housing and Public Works.


Working with Older Balustrades

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, balustrade repairs and replacements are only subject to the standards applicable at the time your building was constructed. Pool balustrades, however, must always meet current standards and regulations.

However, if these balustrade repairs or replacements create renovations that exceed 20% of your system, then construction may require compliance with current standards.

If you’re not sure whether your new balustrade needs to comply with current standards, don’t hesitate to consult professional balustrade suppliers or qualified contractors.


Staying Up-to-Date with Standards

Whether or not you’re required to comply with current balustrade standards, it’s always best to be aware of industry regulations and to consider them when making renovations or upgrades.

These standards are designed to maximise safety in decks, balconies, and landings, helping prevent falls and minimising accidents. By complying with regulations as much as possible, you can ensure your balustrades are safer and more functional. Complying with current standards is especially important if your deck or balcony is in high-risk locations like high-rise buildings or buildings of old age.


Need Better Balustrades?

If you want new balustrades that comply with current standards and regulations, get in touch with us to find your best options. We design and build all our balustrades according to the most current industry standards, ensuring proper safety, function, and durability for your balustrades. Whether you need glass balustrades, traditional timbre balustrades, or pool fencing, we always make sure that your balustrades meet all safety standards and regulations.

Concrete Stairs with Handrails

Are Handrails Required on Stairs?

Short answer: In most cases, yes – but it mainly depends on the height and dimensions of your stairs.

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), any stairs that rise more than one metre above the bottom surface and are not bounded by walls must have handrails and balustrades.

So if your stairs are more than one metre in height with no walls on both sides, then it will need handrails installed with it.

If your deck or stairs are more than four metres above the ground, then these decks and stairs must also not have any horizontal elements (or any climbable elements) between 150mm and 760mm above the floor surface level.


Handrail Design and Dimensions

It’s not enough to merely have handrails if your stairs require them – your handrails must also be built to certain dimensions and specifications.

  • Handrails must be at least 865mm above the nosings of your stair treads and at least one metre above the floor level of landings, balconies, and access paths.
  • To prevent kids or large objects from falling through, your handrails should also not have any openings (including the clearance above your stairs’ nosing line) bigger than 125mm. You’ll need to keep this spacing requirement in mind because handrails often differ in width and thickness depending on its style and materials.
  • Handrails must also meet specific load capacities, which depend on its materials, the type of dwelling it’s in, and its construction.

You can refer to the BCA handrail regulations or consult your builder for more information on the required dimensions for your handrails.


Handrails for Areas with Disability Access

Handrails and grab rails in environments designed to provide access for people with disabilities or mobilities issues must also meet certain standards. The following are some of the requirements set by the Australian Standards AS1428.4 for the design and construction of handrails and grab rails in these environments:

  • The handrails must be circular and have a diameter between 30 and 50mm.
  • Any exposed parts or edges must at least have a 5mm radius.
  • Any clearance between a handrail and its adjacent wall must be at least 50mm.
  • The handrail ends must either turn away to the sidewall or point downwards at a 180-degree angle.
  • Handrails must be rigid and fixed firmly. They must also not extend into required circulation spaces.

For more information on handrail standards for areas with disability access, please see the Australian Standards AS1428.4.


Make Sure Your Handrails and Balustrades Comply with Requirements

No matter how beautiful and attractive your handrails may look, you need to make sure that it meets the requirements set by the Building Code of Australia.

You may have seen beautiful sets of stairs that don’t have handrails or balustrades when browsing through interior design magazines or architecture websites. But you need to remember that many of these stairs have likely been photographed before being properly evaluated by regulatory bodies.

To better ensure your safety and those around you, you need to make sure that your stairs have handrails or balustrades that meet the building code and regulations. If you need help evaluating your handrail’s compliance, don’t hesitate to consult your builder.

You can also contact us if you’re planning to install handrails and balustrades and want to make sure that they meet industry standards.

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe? Debunking the Top Myths About Glass Balustrades

Beautiful. Elegant. Stylish. These are some of the words that people first think of when looking at glass pool fencing.

But safe? That’s not a word that immediately pops out when thinking of glass balustrades.

Which is unfortunate – and ironic – because glass balustrades are easily among the safest balustrades that you can install in your property.

Unfortunately, glass balustrades still face the stigma of being unsafe and unreliable for pool fencing.  But we’re here to clear this up for you. To help you understand why glass pool fencing is safe, let’s break some of the biggest myths about glass pool fencing that people still believe today.

Myth #1: Glass balustrades are weak and shatter easily

By far the biggest myth about glass pool fencing is that it breaks easily.

When most people think of glass, they think that it’s prone to cracks and breaks. Although this is true for kitchenware or home accessories made of glass, this is simply not the case for glass fencing.

Glass pool fencing is made from toughened safety glass, which is far stronger and more durable than your regular glass material. Glass balustrades are also typically between 10-12mm thick, making them even stronger and tougher.

Simply put, glass balustrades are incredibly tough and extremely difficult to break. You’ll also be glad to know that if they ever do break in an accident (ex. a tree falls on it), they’re designed to break into small cubes rather than sharp, jagged pieces.

Myth #2: Glass pool fencing is not as effective as other types of pool fencing

Because of its simplicity and plain appearance, many people think that glass pool fencing is not as effective as other types of pool balustrades.

But don’t be fooled by appearances – in addition to looking elegant and stylish, glass pool fencing is also recognised by technicians as highly effective balustrades for pool areas. Its simplicity, in fact, is one of the reasons why.

Standard pool fences typically have vertical rails that have gaps or openings between each rail. Although these gaps are small (regulations require these gaps to be no more than 10mm), it does allow some things to pass through.

A glass balustrade, on the other hand, features solid pieces of glass panels, which have no gaps or spaces in between. The only gaps in standard glass pool fencing would be in between the glass panels themselves and at the bottom near the ground, depending on their design. This solid structure provides a better and more effective barrier, preventing objects from entering or leaving your pool area.

The smooth surface glass panels also make it difficult for kids and young children to climb over it, making it safer than those with rails.

Lastly, the see-through panels of glass balustrades make monitoring pool activity easier, even when you’re outside the pool area.

Myth #3: Glass Pool Fencing Isn’t Durable

Those who think that glass pool fencing is weak also often believe that they’re not as durable as pool fencing made of metal or aluminium. But glass pool fencing is much more durable and long-lasting than most people think. In fact, in many cases, they’re even more durable than pool fencing made of other materials.

For starters, glass panels will not rust, unlike railings in pool balustrades made of aluminium or steel. This reduces your chance of exposure to rusted or corroded fence materials. This natural resistance to moisture and the elements also makes them more versatile, allowing them to be used in coastal properties and areas with harsher conditions.

The smooth surface of glass pool fencing panels also means they’re less like to hold dirt or debris, making them more hygienic and easier to clean.

Glass Balustrades are Safer than You Think

Don’t let its smooth lines and elegant finishes fool you – glass pool fencing is one of the safest and most effective balustrades that you can have for your pool area. Not only do they look amazing in homes and private pool areas, but they also provide the level of protection you need for a proper pool barrier.

If you need more information about glass pool fencing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

Glass balustrade

5 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades are one of the most stylish balustrades on the market, so it’s no surprise they’re also among the most in-demand balustrades for homes.

But getting glass balustrades for your property isn’t always as simple as choosing one set and installing them. Because of their unique structure and design, glass balustrades require more careful thought and consideration than other balustrades. They also come in a variety of types, materials, and built-in features that can make finding the right one challenging.

If you’re planning to install glass balustrades in your property, then make sure that you consider these factors beforehand:


1. Location

The place where you want to install your glass balustrade will affect several factors in your decision.

A glass balustrade for the pool, for example, is different from a glass balustrade for a balcony or a staircase. They will also need to meet special safety requirements. Glass balustrades in coastal areas, meanwhile, will need parts and materials that can withstand the harsh effects of saltwater.

By considering your location and the balustrade’s setting, you can narrow down your choices and determine the features that you need your glass balustrades to have.


2. Function

Will your glass balustrades serve primarily as a piece to accentuate the style of your home? Or will it be used as a tough barrier for areas that need more safety? Or perhaps a mix of both?

By knowing what purpose your glass balustrades will serve, you can determine the right type of glass balustrades you need to get your full money’s worth.

Keep in mind that glass balustrades can be modified to suit different needs and functions, whether it’s to ensure safety in high-risk areas or to add a touch of elegance and sophistication inside properties.


3. Design

Glass balustrades come in a variety of styles, so you need to choose a style that will work best with your property. These balustrades are also available in different framing options (ex. framed, frameless, semi-frameless), with each frame providing a different look and feel than the other.

Some styles of balustrades work best in simple and minimalist living spaces, while other styles are better suited for more decorative rooms and living areas.

If you know what style you’re after, you’re more likely to find glass balustrades that can enhance your property’s look and ambience.


4. Prep Work

It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of getting new glass balustrades that you forget its immediate surroundings.

Remember that installing glass balustrades isn’t always as straightforward as screwing each section on the ground. In many cases, the foundation of the balustrade will need to be prepared to ensure a proper installation. Some cases may also require clearing away existing structures to make way for your new balustrades. Others even need the creation of new pathways to accommodate them.

Whatever your case may be for your property, make sure that you consider all the additional work required to install a new set of glass balustrades in your property. This will give you a better idea of how much time and resources you need to install a new set of glass balustrades.


5. Budget

Like any other investment, you’ll need to set a budget with glass balustrades so that you know what to look for as you search for options. Remember that glass balustrades are highly customisable balustrades, and you can modify them with as many (or as little) features as your budget allows.

To make things easier for you, determine early on features are essential for you and your property. Pool glass balustrades, for example, need to have special safety features and meet specific dimensions to comply with regulations.

After knowing what your essential features are, you can then start to consider other features that can make improve your set within your budget.


Get Help from Professionals for Best Results

If you want to make sure that you get the most value for your glass balustrades, then work with professionals who can help you make the right choice. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and find your best options for glass balustrades.

When chosen and installed correctly, glass balustrades can boost your property’s value and make it look better than ever.


semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Balustrades – Rules and Regulations You Need to Know About


Although finding the right style of balustrades for your property is fairly simple, the process for installing them can sometimes be more complicated.

Before installing balustrades on your property, you’ll need to make sure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

Here in Queensland, there are strict standards set for the installation of balustrades and pool barriers. These regulations are designed to ensure the safety and functionality of balustrades and fencing, setting measures to prevent accidents and maximise safety in high-risk areas.

It’s also important to know that there are different rules and regulations for different types of balustrades, and these can also vary depending on their size and location. Regulations for deck balustrades, for example, will be different from the requirements for pool fencing.

Still not sure?Get in touch with Wood Glass Group for professional advice today!



Here’s a quick guide for some of the most important rules and regulations that you need to know when installing balustrades in your property:

Decks and Balconies

The rules and regulations for deck and balcony balustrades are particularly strict in Queensland because balustrades are commonly used in properties throughout the state. The most important rules involve requirements for the dimensions and specifications of these barriers:

  • Any deck or balcony that’s more than one metre above the ground will require a balustrade that’s also at least one metre tall. It should also not contain any gaps or openings (i.e. balustrade posts, space between the floor) that are more than 125 millimetres wide. This requirement also applies to stair railings and sloped balustrades.


  • Balustrades in decks, balconies, or stairs that are more than four metres above the ground cannot have any climbable elements (ex. horizontal railings) located between 150-760 millimetres from the floor.


  • Balustrades and handrails in stairs must also be at least 865 millimetres tall from the ‘nosing’ of the stair tread across the entire length of the stairs.


For more details on the regulations for this type of balustrades, please check the relevant building codes for balustrades in decks, balconies, and stairs from the Department of Housing and Public Works.


Pool Balustrades

All pools in Queensland must comply with pool safety standards, which specify the presence of pool barriers in every pool area to prevent drowning and injuries.

If you have a pool in your property, then you need to make sure your pool fencing complies with regulations. Some of the fundamental rules include:

  • Pool barriers must be at least 1200 millimetres tall, measured from the finished ground level.


  • Any gap or opening between the bottom of your barrier and the finished ground level should not be more than 100 millimetres.


  • There should be no climbable objects within 900 metres of your pool balustrade. This is the standard 900mm non-climbable zone for every pool balustrade. If there any climbable objects within this range, then they must be properly shielded to prevent kids and young children from climbing them.


  • If your pool balustrade is less than 1800mm tall and has verticals that are more than 10mm apart, then there should also be no climbable objects within 300mm of your barrier on the inner side.


  • If your pool balustrade is more than 1800mm tall, the 900mm non-climbable zone may also apply on the inner side of your fence. Make sure there are no ground elements inside that could reduce the effective height of your fence.


  • Pool barriers must have gates that are self-closing, self-latching, and outward-opening. The latches on these gates must also be at least 1500mm above the ground and 1400mm from top of any lower horizontal railing. If latches are located inside, then they need to be at least 1200mm above the ground 1000mm above any lower horizontal railing.


For more information on the compliance standards for pool balustrades, please read through the QBCC’s guide for pool safety and compliance.


Consult with Professionals

If you’re not sure whether your balustrades (old or new) comply with regulations, don’t hesitate to consult with balustrade professionals who can guide you. By complying with these rules and guidelines, you can make sure your balustrades are safe, effective and built to last.

Ensuring your balustrades are compliant may take some work, but it’ll be worth it to protect you and your family.


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