Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

When it comes to fencing your pool, nothing compares to the sense of light, space and timeless elegance of frameless glass pool fencing. You can capture your stunning views of the Brisbane river, bush land or your own private garden, while magnificently opening up the feeling of your entire home. Frameless glass pool fencing is simply ideal for showcasing your pool and gardens, and is particularly stunning at night. Frameless glass pool fencing is also designed for our harsh Australian conditions and you won\’t have to worry about maintenance, aside from a quick clean. Glass does not rot, rust, get water damaged, and nasty Brisbane termites are not even a consideration.


You don\’t have to look far to see Wood Glass Group\’s frameless glass pool fencing installed in some of Brisbane\’s most beautiful homes, apartments and even local motels and 5-star luxury resorts. Frameless glass pool fencing can also add a modern touch to more traditional Queenslander homes if you have one.

It\’s for these reasons that Brisbane property developers, architects, and builders are using frameless glass pool fencing, along with many savvy home builders.


Safety is one of the biggest deciding factor when it comes to pool fencing, and frameless glass pool fencing is not only superiorly strong, it also helps you better protect your loved ones if you have an outdoor, or indoor pool.

With frameless glass pool fencing, you can monitor your children or loved ones through the glass, without the fencing hindering your view. This visibility can be invaluable; it can save lives.

Frameless glass pool fencing provides a remarkably strong, safe barrier that is not only used in home or apartment pools, but world leading hotel and resorts. Similar solutions are also used banks, hospitals and Brisbane\’s treasured heritage listed buildings, just to get a picture of how strong and safe frameless glass pool fencing is.


At Wood Glass Group, we\’d love to work with you, and unlike some other Brisbane frameless glass pool fencing companies, you will get the service and attention to detail you need, working directly with Wood Glass Group\’s highly experienced owner Darren.

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Wood Glass Group\’s toughened frameless glass pool fencing fits into the rock solid, stainless steel spigots that are corrosion resistant. We offer two main spigot designs that can be either fitted above ground using a base plate or bolted into the ground with concrete and if needed. For extra strength, like on a high-rise rooftop, we can use also Hilti Chemical anchoring system for utmost security.

Wood Glass Group\’s frameless glass pool fencing also has perfectly polished bevel edges for added safety. There are absolutely no sharp edges, the glass is round and smooth to touch. Frameless glass pool fencing really is timeless in it’s design.

frameless glass pool fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fence


At every stage of Wood Glass Group\’s frameless glass pool fencing production, including cutting, polishing, drilling, and packing, our dedicated Brisbane frameless glass pool fencing team carefully inspect each sheet of glass. If any glass does not meet the highest quality standards, it is set aside.

Our frameless glass pool fencing is tested and certified to comply with the requirements of the AUS/NZ Standard 2208:1996: Safety Glazing Material in Buildings. We also carry out stringent quality control on shipments prior to transporting. Random sample testing further ensure compliance and quality with QA reports being continually monitored to achieve the highest frameless glass pool fencing safety standards in Brisbane, and indeed Australia. If you\’re looking for stunning pool fencing, nothing compares to the sense of light, space and timeless elegance of frameless glass pool fencing provides. The results, a truly timeless design that\’s superiorly safe.