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Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe? Debunking the Top Myths About Glass Balustrades

Beautiful. Elegant. Stylish. These are some of the words that people first think of when looking at glass pool fencing.

But safe? That’s not a word that immediately pops out when thinking of glass balustrades.

Which is unfortunate – and ironic – because glass balustrades are easily among the safest balustrades that you can install in your property.

Unfortunately, glass balustrades still face... more

Glass balustrade

5 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades are one of the most stylish balustrades on the market, so it’s no surprise they’re also among the most in-demand balustrades for homes.

But getting glass balustrades for your property isn’t always as simple as choosing one set and installing them. Because of their unique structure and design, glass balustrades require more careful thought and consideration than other balustrades.... more

semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Balustrades – Rules and Regulations You Need to Know About


Although finding the right style of balustrades for your property is fairly simple, the process for installing them can sometimes be more complicated.

Before installing balustrades on your property, you’ll need to make sure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

Here in Queensland, there are strict standards set for the installation of balustrades and pool barriers. These regulations are designed to... more

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How much does glass pool fencing cost?

Learn about the costs and expenses you can expect when thinking of installing a glass pool fence.

Before you embark on a costly and time-consuming pool fencing installation project, it might be wise to gather some information and gain a better perspective on the market. There are a few different approaches to pool fencing installations, and the cost of an installation... more


What is the difference between Framed and Frameless Pool fencing?

If you are a pool owner in Australia, you are probably aware that pool fences are a necessity (it’s illegal in the country not to install them!). Although you need to put some fencing up, who said you couldn’t get fancy with it? Homeowners who don’t particularly like the look of a fence around their swimming pools often prefer to... more


Uncovering the different approaches to glass pool fencing

So, you have chosen a toughened glass fence for your pool area – congratulations! Tempered glass pool fences bring many advantages to your particular environment as they are well-designed and durable. Toughened glass is clear and will seamlessly become a part of your pool area aesthetics, without compromising on looks and space. In other words, glass pool fences won’t clutter... more


Selecting the right company to install your glass pool fence

Toughened glass is a great pool fence material, but installation must be on-point as well!

Glass pool fencing installations are absolutely amazing for your backyard or pool area.

Toughened glass fences add extra safety to your environment, due to the remarkable properties of this material. However, it is important to understand that installing glass pool fences correctly is equally as important as... more

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How is Toughened pool fencing glass made

Exploring the characteristics and advantages of tempered glass material

Your backyard and pool area might look absolutely stunning with some glass fencing.

Glass fences have several advantages. They don’t obstruct your view or ruin the aesthetics of your environment, they are seamless and add shelter and protection to your valued pool. They also will serve as a really great enclosure to better... more