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Pool with clear bright blue water and glass fencing around it

Give Your Pool That ‘Wow’ Factor with These Wonderful Additions

If your pool is starting to look dull and dated, you might think that giving it a complete makeover is your only solution.

But with the right enhancements, you can give your pool that ‘WOW’ factor to make it look better than ever.

Here are five pool enhancements that will impress your guests and make you forget about renovating your pool area... more

timber stairs

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Traditional Railings with Glass Balustrading

Making the jump from traditional railings to glass balustrades is a big deal.

Not only do these two options look vastly different from each other, but they also work quite differently as barriers.

For many homeowners, glass balustrades are huge upgrades from traditional railings, providing a range of benefits that make them worthy investments.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your... more

Staircase Glass Balustrade

5 Great Ways to Use Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades are one of the most practical balustrades for homeowners, providing sleek-looking barriers that can instantly enhance your living spaces. Combining eye-catching aesthetics with tough and durable materials, they offer the perfect balance of style and function.

When designed by experts, glass balustrading can replace any old balustrades in your home to make it look more stylish and inviting –... more

Man Relaxing on a Balcony with a Balustrade

Do Your Balustrades Meet Regulations and Standards?

Whether you’re installing new balustrades or upgrading your old ones, you want to make sure they meet industry standards to ensure their safety.

Here in Queensland, the regulations and standards for the construction of balustrades follows the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC sets the minimum safety requirements for new building constructions (including balustrades), ensuring better safety and well-being for all.

Some... more

Concrete Stairs with Handrails

Are Handrails Required on Stairs?

Short answer: In most cases, yes – but it mainly depends on the height and dimensions of your stairs.

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), any stairs that rise more than one metre above the bottom surface and are not bounded by walls must have handrails and balustrades.

So if your stairs are more than one metre in height with... more

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe

Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe? Debunking the Top Myths About Glass Balustrades

Beautiful. Elegant. Stylish. These are some of the words that people first think of when looking at glass pool fencing.

But safe? That’s not a word that immediately pops out when thinking of glass balustrades.

Which is unfortunate – and ironic – because glass balustrades are easily among the safest balustrades that you can install in your property.

Unfortunately, glass balustrades still face... more

Glass balustrade

5 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Glass balustrades are one of the most stylish balustrades on the market, so it’s no surprise they’re also among the most in-demand balustrades for homes.

But getting glass balustrades for your property isn’t always as simple as choosing one set and installing them. Because of their unique structure and design, glass balustrades require more careful thought and consideration than other balustrades.... more

semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Balustrades – Rules and Regulations You Need to Know About


Although finding the right style of balustrades for your property is fairly simple, the process for installing them can sometimes be more complicated.

Before installing balustrades on your property, you’ll need to make sure they comply with industry standards and regulations.

Here in Queensland, there are strict standards set for the installation of balustrades and pool barriers. These regulations are designed to... more

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