Pool Fence Earthing

Earth Wiring

Pool owners should also be aware that if a pool fence & its support structure is constructed less than 1250 millimetres or 125 centimetres from the pool water edge, then the fence &/or fence posts within that area need to be earth wired. This is a specific requirement of the electrical safety laws & in particular Wiring Rules Standard AS/NZ3000. It is a requirement that Equipotential Bonding (earth bonding) is required to pool fencing when the fence is within arm’s reach (1.250m) of the pool edge.

Earth wiring in simple terms means that all the electrical conductive parts (which are all the metal parts such as posts, spigots & handrails in the pool fence) are connected together by electrical wire to create an equipotential electrical bond which is then earthed to an earthing point. By earthing the pool fence to an earthing point it makes the pool fence the same potential (Equipotential) or voltage as all the electrical conductive parts in, around & near the pool, including the steel reinforcing in the pool shell. This greatly reduces the risk of an electrical shock should there be an electrical fault.


Equipotential bonding is the act of bonding all the metal components in an area together to create substantially the same electrical potential, so that, under fault conditions, the difference in potential between simultaneously accessible exposed and extraneous conductive parts will not cause electric shock.)

Always consult with your electrical contractor to ensure suitable bonding arrangements are put in place and always obtain a Certificate of Test from your installing electrical contractor confirming that the electrical work complies with the Wiring Rules, has been tested and is electrically safe.

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