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Timber is one of our most beloved building material, especially here in Brisbane where traditional Queenslander homes shape the style of many suburbs. There is simply no matching the warmth, versatility and sturdiness of timber, especially when used for feature handrails on your staircase or deck.

With timber handrails, you can have either a modern, sleek look or a rustic charm purely based on your choice of wood, and we’ll hand-craft them individually for your beautiful home, apartment or office.

Handrails are of course, an essential component of staircases, balconies and outdoor decks in Brisbane, and timber handrails perfectly compliment wood, cement or glass stairs and outdoor areas. Timber handrails offer remarkable stability and safety for a lifetime of use, and are a nice organic feeling for the elderly or children who need to rely on the handrails for going up and down the stairs.


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Handrails play a critical role in the look and feel of your home, office, apartment or other Brisbane living spaces, so it is important to choose the design and material for your handrails carefully.

Although handrails come in other materials like stainless steel or aluminium, timber handrails can add much more elegance and warmth to your home. Timber handrails are timeless, and their feel is like no other material. When you run your hand down them, they are smooth and feel light and natural. Timber is also easy to clean and maintain, and you can change the visual appearance of your timber handrails if you like with a fresh coat of paint or refinish to match the latest Brisbane trends. Something that\’s rather hard to do with metal.


If you keep up a subscription to one of the popular Australian decor magazines or surf the internet for modern handrail options, you’ll probably notice that not much has changed in timber handrail designs over the last 50 years, a testament to the timeless qualities of timber and its efficient manufacturing abilities.

Metal based handrails are time intensive to install and require complex cutting and welding equipment for manufacturing, plus metal is more difficult to keep clean and hygienic.

You can also match your timber handrails to your decor and other features in your home like your picture frames, wall cabinets or window architraves to blend your homes aesthetics, and create a look that Brisbane’s best interior designers would be jealous of.



Depending on the look and feel that you’re after, you can choose from a multitude of timbers for your home’s handrails. Some popular timber handrail choices include:



Blackbutt has an even texture. The grain can be interlocked but it is generally straight, making it appealing for interior use applications such as flooring and joinery. The heartwood ranges from golden yellow to pale brown, although occasionally a slight pinkish colour may be present. The sapwood, which is not always easy to distinguish, is much paler in appearance. Small gum veins may be visible.


In its natural setting the merbau species can grow up to 40 metres in height, with a trunk of 0.6 metres in diameter. The bushy tree will often form a spreading canopy. Once cut, the heartwood will initially appear as yellowish-brown or orange-brown before deepening to a pale to dark reddish brown. This contrasts with the merbau sapwood, which appears white, pale yellow or buff. The wood grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy, which produces a ribbon figure on the radial surface. The timber has a coarse but even texture. It has a characteristic oily odour when cut.

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