Do Your Balustrades Meet Regulations and Standards?

Whether you’re installing new balustrades or upgrading your old ones, you want to make sure they meet industry standards to ensure their safety.

Here in Queensland, the regulations and standards for the construction of balustrades follows the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC sets the minimum safety requirements for new building constructions (including balustrades), ensuring better safety and well-being for all.

Some of the balustrade requirements set by the NCC include:

  • Balustrades or barriers in any deck or balcony should be at least one metre above the ground.
  • Balustrades and barriers must be at least one-metre tall.
  • Balustrades must not have any gaps or openings larger than 125 millimetres. This will help prevent people or animals from falling through.
  • Balustrades in decks or balconies that are more than four metres above the ground must also not have any climbable elements (e.g. platforms, horizontal railings, ) between 150 millimetres and 760 millimetres from the floor.
  • Balustrades must be built to resist reasonable levels of load or forces that they are typically exposed to (e.g. strong winds, people leaning or knocking against them).

For more information on the regulations for decks and balconies in Queensland, please check this guide from the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Working with Older Balustrades

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, balustrade repairs and replacements are only subject to the standards applicable at the time your building was constructed. Pool balustrades, however, must always meet current standards and regulations.

However, if these balustrade repairs or replacements create renovations that exceed 20% of your system, then construction may require compliance with current standards.

If you’re not sure whether your new balustrade needs to comply with current standards, don’t hesitate to consult professional balustrade suppliers or qualified contractors.

Staying Up-to-Date with Standards

Whether or not you’re required to comply with current balustrade standards, it’s always best to be aware of industry regulations and to consider them when making renovations or upgrades.

These standards are designed to maximise safety in decks, balconies, and landings, helping prevent falls and minimising accidents. By complying with regulations as much as possible, you can ensure your balustrades are safer and more functional. Complying with current standards is especially important if your deck or balcony is in high-risk locations like high-rise buildings or buildings of old age.

Need Better Balustrades?

If you want new balustrades that comply with current standards and regulations, get in touch with us to find your best options. We design and build all our balustrades according to the most current industry standards, ensuring proper safety, function, and durability for your balustrades. Whether you need glass balustrades, traditional timbre balustrades, or pool fencing Brisbane, we always make sure that your balustrades meet all safety standards and regulations.

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