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EnduroShield® easy clean treatment creates an ultra-long lasting shield on all glass surfaces. The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency.

EnduroShield® repels water and contaminants, and helps protect against staining, etching and build-up from:

  • Soap scum, body oils & grime
  • Limescale & hard water
  • Salt & chlorine

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This treatment is provided to us by our supplier on request, it is so robust that it carries an incredable 10 year warranty.

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Read about our completed Bayside Residential project, with almost 50sqm of frameles glass fencing pre-treated with EnduroShield.


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Using state of the art nanotechnology, EnduroShield® acts as a shield to seal the porosity of the glass, allowing contaminants such as sea salt, dirt and grime to reside on an easy to clean protective coating. The invisible glass coating for pool fencing is both water and oil repellent, protecting against staining and etching. An ideal solution for Brisbane glass pool fencing or indoor and outdoor glass balustrades.


  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Best way to keep your glass clean – cuts cleaning time
  • Protects against both water & oil based stains
  • Superior protection against staining and etching from dirt, salt & chlorine
  • Once only application & no revitiliser products required
  • UV stable & environmentally friendly

Extensive independent testing has proven EnduroShield® to last beyond 10 years, enabling a genuine 10-year warranty on new glass surfaces.

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Windex is suitable for use on EnduroShield, but for optimal results, we suggest a blend of white/cleaning vinegar (at 25-50% concentration), a dash of dishwashing liquid, and water. However, no specialty cleaners are necessary. We provide all essential information and include a complimentary cleaning kit with every client's purchase.

At Wood Glass Group, we uphold honesty and reliability as core values. EnduroShield proves particularly advantageous for wet areas like glass shower screens, pool fences, and hard-to-clean surfaces. While all glass, tiles, and stainless steel benefit from this added protection, we understand that it may not always align with our clients' budgets. We are committed to excellence, and for us, honesty remains paramount.

EnduroShield is compatible with all glass surfaces, but it's important to note that it permanently bonds only to glass. If you're considering applying it to older glass, keep in mind that the bonding process may not be as effective if stubborn water spots persist on the surface and cannot be cleaned off.

For routine maintenance, wiping down the shower with a microfiber cloth while showering helps minimize cleaning needs. Depending on shower usage, a weekly to monthly cleaning can be done using a solution of 25% vinegar, water, and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Simply spray the solution onto the surface, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then wipe down with a magic eraser or microfiber cloth. Finish by squeegeeing off any excess liquid. If EnduroShield was professionally applied by Wood Glass Group, a cleaning kit with detailed instructions and necessary equipment will be provided.

If you've recently installed a new shower screen or built a new home, it's worth considering sealing your glass with an EnduroShield Professional Applicator like Wood Glass Group. This coating effectively repels water, dirt, and minerals, making cleaning a breeze while preventing mineral buildup on the glass. With EnduroShield Pro, newly sealed glass will maintain its crystal-clear appearance for the entire lifespan of the shower, eliminating the need for harsh scrubbing or specialized cleaners.

If your existing shower glass already shows signs of water spots or scaling, reach out to us for a free quote.

While you can attempt various cleaning methods such as vinegar or CLR, unless your shower glass is new, you may only achieve average results. At Wood Glass Group, we utilize specialized machinery, polishing techniques, and chemical methods to resurface your glass affordably. Additionally, we offer the option to seal the newly restored glass with a high-quality sealant like EnduroShield, saving you time and money in the long run.

While glass pool fences offer the illusion of an unobstructed view and enhance outdoor aesthetics, they typically demand maintenance if left untreated. Undoubtedly, glass pool fences exude a striking beauty and elevate any outdoor space. However, without treatment with a product like EnduroShield or professional intervention from experts like Wood Glass Group, regular cleaning becomes essential (often more frequently than anticipated!). Opting for EnduroShield application by a certified applicator such as Wood Glass Group can significantly reduce the time and effort required for maintenance. This ensures your pool fence retains its pristine appearance with minimal upkeep, granting you more leisure time to relish your new pool.

With proper care, EnduroShield can last for the lifetime of the glass. We offer a 10-year warranty on all new or newly restored glass. For restored glass, the warranty extends to 5 years. Additionally, there is a 3-year warranty on new tiles, grout, and stainless steel surfaces.

The application of EnduroShield won't change the appearance of your glass; it will preserve its original look. The only noticeable difference will be the water beading up on the glass surface after the EnduroShield Professional application.

Certainly! In fact, a solution consisting of 25-50% vinegar, water, and a small amount of dish soap is the recommended cleaner for surfaces such as glass, tiles, and grout treated with EnduroShield. For stainless steel surfaces, it's typically best to clean them using just dishwashing liquid and water.

Firstly, as CLR is an acidic cleaner designed to dissolve minerals and rust from most surfaces, it's advisable to consult the applicator before using it on a coated surface to ensure there are no warranty or cleaning concerns.

Secondly, EnduroShield has tested CLR for use on treated surfaces and found it to be non-damaging to the coating. However, based on our experience, vinegar often proves to be a more effective cleaning agent for certain applications.

At Wood Glass Group, we simplify the process and expenses associated with acquiring equipment and researching proper cleaning methods. We provide each of our clients with a comprehensive cleaning kit and detailed instructions following every professional EnduroShield application. Our commitment to excellence surpasses that of our competitors, reflecting our belief in a five-star approach to aftercare.

EnduroShield Professional stands out as the premier choice for permanent hydrophobic glass coating, which is why we've been exclusively using it since our inception. Independent testing consistently demonstrates that EnduroShield Professional, when applied correctly by an accredited applicator like Wood Glas Group, surpasses our competitors by a significant margin. With over 12 years of industry expertise, we firmly believe that our commitment to excellence in both service and products, backed by our five-star reputation, solidifies our position as the best in the industry.

Cloudy glass, often caused by mineral deposits, soap scum, or glass corrosion, is a common issue in showers. These contaminants etch the surface of the glass, resulting in an unattractive haze that is difficult to remove through regular cleaning alone. At Wood Glass Group, we offer a comprehensive approach to shower cleaning that includes glass restoration and protection. Our expert team can restore your glass to its original condition before applying a protective coating like EnduroShield Pro. This not only rejuvenates your shower to its former glory but also ensures long-lasting clarity, guaranteed for 5-10 years. If you're seeking a lasting solution for your cloudy shower, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Typically, applying EnduroShield after the installation of a pool fence is the preferred method for professional application. This approach minimizes handling and abrasion on the glass panels since they are already installed. Having the glass treated post-installation by an accredited applicator ensures that the coating isn't subjected to transit or handling issues. It also allows for the provision of specific cleaning instructions or tips for post-installation care to the owner, facilitates the identification of potential issues, and ensures that the pool fence looks great upon completion of the job.

Selecting the ideal material for your railing can hinge on several factors. Here's a breakdown of some options along with their advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Aluminium: Typically the most budget-friendly option, but may lack aesthetic appeal in certain settings.
  2. Timber: Timeless and visually appealing, but requires annual maintenance, which can be costly.
  3. Steel and Stainless Steel: Durable choices, but prone to rusting or tarnishing over time, potentially diminishing their visual appeal.
  4. Glass: Offers an attractive, unobstructed view, but requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance.
  5. Powder-Coated Panels: Provide a stylish look and long-lasting durability, but necessitate yearly cleaning and may obstruct the view.

In our view, glass or powder-coated panels stand out as the top choices. Glass, in particular, is favored by our customers, especially when sealed with EnduroShield, which reduces the cleaning frequency. However, if maintaining an unobstructed view isn't a priority, powder-coated panels can be an excellent alternative.

Removing EnduroShield after proper application can be a difficult task. Typically, abrasion is the safest method for removal. At Wood Glass Group, we frequently handle the removal and reapplication of EnduroShield for clients who wish to maintain their glass or other surfaces within a warranty period or in cases where a DIY application has not yielded the desired results.

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