Give Your Pool That ‘Wow’ Factor with These Wonderful Additions

If your pool is starting to look dull and dated, you might think that giving it a complete makeover is your only solution.

But with the right enhancements, you can give your pool that ‘WOW’ factor to make it look better than ever.

Here are five pool enhancements that will impress your guests and make you forget about renovating your pool area altogether.

1. High-Quality Tiles

Nothing makes a pool look newer and more different than new tiling. Give your pool a different skin by installing new tiles with stylish patterns and designs.

You’ll find a variety of tile colours, styles, and patterns available on the market, giving you plenty of options for creating a completely different look. Look for tile patterns and designs that are opposite of what your pool previously had to make the change even more dramatic.

You can also replace your pool’s coping (the cap or edging of your pool) with new materials and designs to make the change even more obvious.

2. Greenery and Landscaping

Sometimes, the most dramatic pool upgrade doesn’t involve your pool at all.

New landscaping, for example, can make your pool area look and feel completely different even without touching the pool itself. Whether its timber sleepers in a retaining wall, or a new hedge, landscaping can bring a fresh look to your pool

To make this work, choose the right plants and greenery to create the type of atmosphere you want. Whether it’s flower patches and potted plants along your pool perimeter or mini palm trees in your favourite corners, adding these touches of nature will your pool more attractive than ever.

3. Glass Pool Fencing

There’s no better way to make your pool area look more stylish instantly than by installing new glass pool fencing.

With its smooth surface and minimalist design, glass pool fences are undoubtedly much sleeker than traditional pool balustrades. They’re also stronger and more functional than old pool fencing, providing toughened glass barriers that give you more views of your pool area (for better safety and monitoring).

With the right glass pool fence, you can give your pool area a facelift and earn major style points from your guests.

4. Creative Lighting

Highlight your pool’s best features by installing creative lighting systems.

Whether it’s coloured underwater lights or fairy lights overhead, creative lighting can make your pool look more stunning and inviting. You can also add lighting along footpaths and the perimeter of your pool to make your pool area safer.

With the right lights, you can make nightly swims a regular activity for you and your family.

5. New Décor & Fixtures

Features and pieces of decor aren’t meant to be just ornaments to be looked at. In many cases, they’re also features that can make or break your pool’s atmosphere.

Additional items for your pool area like fire pits, mini-bars, fountains, for example, can make your pool area more enticing, providing a level of comfort that makes a trip there always a treat. Comfortable hammocks and pool lounges, meanwhile, will make it hard for anyone to leave your pool at all. Sometimes adding pool heating can make a world of difference to year-round usability.

With the right fixtures and furniture, you can breathe new life and energy into your pool space that will make it irresistible.

6. Pool Heating

There is nothing more impressive than people being able to swim year around in your pool. Pool heating, whether solar or electric both provide amazing opportunities to really provide an amazing experience to guests.

You Don’t Always Have to Renovate

When it comes to upgrading your pool, a complete renovation isn’t always the answer.

In many cases, the right upgrades are all you need to make your pool look and feel completely different.

With a little planning and the right enhancements, you can wow yourself and your guest every time you step in the water.

Want to see how it will look before you commit?
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