Is Glass Pool Fencing Safe? Debunking the Top Myths About Glass Balustrades

Beautiful. Elegant. Stylish. These are some of the words that people first think of when looking at glass pool fencing.

But safe? That’s not a word that immediately pops out when thinking of glass balustrades.

Which is unfortunate – and ironic – because glass balustrades are easily among the safest balustrades that you can install in your property.

Unfortunately, glass balustrades still face the stigma of being unsafe and unreliable for pool fencing.  But we’re here to clear this up for you. To help you understand why glass pool fencing Brisbane is safe, let’s break some of the biggest myths about glass pool fencing that people still believe today.

Myth #1: Glass balustrades are weak and shatter easily

By far the biggest myth about glass pool fencing is that it breaks easily.

When most people think of glass, they think that it’s prone to cracks and breaks. Although this is true for kitchenware or home accessories made of glass, this is simply not the case for glass fencing.

Glass pool fencing is made from toughened safety glass, which is far stronger and more durable than your regular glass material. Glass balustrades are also typically between 10-12mm thick, making them even stronger and tougher.

Simply put, glass balustrades are incredibly tough and extremely difficult to break. You’ll also be glad to know that if they ever do break in an accident (ex. a tree falls on it), they’re designed to break into small cubes rather than sharp, jagged pieces.

Myth #2: Glass pool fencing is not as effective as other types of pool fencing

Because of its simplicity and plain appearance, many people think that glass pool fencing is not as effective as other types of pool balustrades.

But don’t be fooled by appearances – in addition to looking elegant and stylish, glass pool fencing is also recognised by technicians as highly effective balustrades for pool areas. Its simplicity, in fact, is one of the reasons why.

Standard pool fences typically have vertical rails that have gaps or openings between each rail. Although these gaps are small (regulations require these gaps to be no more than 10mm), it does allow some things to pass through.

A glass balustrade, on the other hand, features solid pieces of glass panels, which have no gaps or spaces in between. The only gaps in standard glass pool fencing would be in between the glass panels themselves and at the bottom near the ground, depending on their design. This solid structure provides a better and more effective barrier, preventing objects from entering or leaving your pool area.

The smooth surface glass panels also make it difficult for kids and young children to climb over it, making it safer than those with rails.

Lastly, the see-through panels of glass balustrades make monitoring pool activity easier, even when you’re outside the pool area.

Myth #3: Glass Pool Fencing Isn’t Durable

Those who think that glass pool fencing is weak also often believe that they’re not as durable as pool fencing made of metal or aluminium. But glass pool fencing is much more durable and long-lasting than most people think. In fact, in many cases, they’re even more durable than pool fencing made of other materials.

For starters, glass panels will not rust, unlike railings in pool balustrades made of aluminium or steel. This reduces your chance of exposure to rusted or corroded fence materials. This natural resistance to moisture and the elements also makes them more versatile, allowing them to be used in coastal properties and areas with harsher conditions.

The smooth surface of glass pool fencing panels also means they’re less like to hold dirt or debris, making them more hygienic and easier to clean. When paired with pool heating you’ll find your pool is durable and usable year round.

Glass Balustrades are Safer than You Think

Don’t let its smooth lines and elegant finishes fool you – glass pool fencing is one of the safest and most effective balustrades that you can have for your pool area. Not only do they look amazing in homes and private pool areas, but they also provide the level of protection you need for a proper pool barrier.

If you need more information about glass pool fencing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

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